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Car Insurance for four-wheelers insurance is a contract between the car’s owner and the insurance provider that provides insurance for four-wheelers against economic losses resulting from unforeseen incidents like accidents or natural disasters. The contract, most of the time appears as a small sheet of paper that is stored in the dashboard of the vehicle and removed only in the event that police officers ever request documents. It’s not the only thing! The insurance policy financially safeguards your car in the event the vehicle is damaged or lost due to accidents. If you’re out on the roads however careful it is, you’ll encounter an accident and find yourself with large repair costs.

Car insurance 2023

There are various kinds of insurance for four wheels including third-party auto insurance that protects your financial interests when the insured vehicle results in damage to a third-party vehicle or property or causes injuries to a third party or a person. Third-party car insurance, also known as a liability-only insurance policy will not pay for damages to the car insured. In India under the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to carry an approved third-party insurance plan when you plan to use your vehicle on the roads.

What is Car insurance?

Another kind of car insurance policy is a comprehensive insurance policy that guards not just from any third-party obligation, but also any financial damages to the vehicle that could be incurred due to incidents and theft, fire, or natural catastrophes like lightning or storms, flooding, and cyclone, etc. as well as damages caused by human actions such as vandalism, riots and so on. But that’s not all! There is also an Accident Insurance Policy that covers injuries, or God will it be, even the most serious physical injury that occurs by accident!

After you have purchased insurance for your car online and you are able to choose between an insurance policy for third parties or comprehensive car insurance or even a standalone damaged policy, depending on your requirements of yours. Tata AIG offers a range of comprehensive and third-party car insurance plans on the internet to assist you in choosing the right type of protection and coverage that your vehicle requires. It is possible to further increase the complete coverage of your car insurance policy by adding thirteen additional insurance options for your car. Enter your vehicle’s details and review the quote to discover the insurance plan which is suitable for your vehicle!

The Key Specifications of Car Insurance by APKInjector

  • Low Costs and Savings
  • Claim Assistance
  • High Rate of Settlement for Claim
  • Repairs that are cashless
  • Injuries to third parties
  • Private Damage Insurance
  • Modifiable using Add-ons
  • Non Claim Bonus (NCB)
  • Renew or Buy Car insurance online

What is the reason you need Car Insurance?

Four-wheeler insurance, also known as car insurance policy is required to shield your vehicle and yourself from the many scenarios which can result in financial losses. These are some reasons you should be covered by a third-party insurance policy or comprehensive insurance for four wheels:

Conformity to the legal requirements

In accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act that requires third-party auto insurance coverage is legally required. So, all vehicles that travel across Indian roads should be protected at a minimum by third insured. In the absence of a valid policy you may get caught in the crosshairs of law enforcement and be required to pay huge traffic penalties.

Security from liability of third parties

Third-party liability is when the insured four-wheeler is responsible for accidental injury to the vehicle or property or causes injuries to the person who is a third party. Third-party insurance for cars or the comprehensive insurance plan for cars protects against third-party liability and safeguards the owner of the insured vehicle against financial damage. The insurance company at Tata AIG provides policy options for insurance on four wheels, which come with basic and ample insurance protection to safeguard against a variety of damage

Protect yourself from theft

If you have a four-wheeler that is stolen or automobile parts get stolen, then the car insurance policy will cover financial losses as well as compensate you for the loss to the car, or repair or replacement of automobile components. In the event of complete damage (damage that is beyond fix) or loss of your vehicle, Tata AIG ensures the speediest and most convenient settlement procedure to supply you with the insurance amount of your car.

Protection against financial losses

When there’s an injury or a deep scratch on your car, it is due to a collision that was not your fault or vandalism, it could result in financial damage. In this case, the Own Damage insurance or a comprehensive insurance policy for cars is a good idea since they offer full protection to your covered vehicle against all sorts of accidents, from accidents and theft as well as damage caused by natural disasters, and so on.

Cover against natural calamities

If there are hurricanes, floods, storms, or earthquakes, as well as other natural catastrophes your vehicle could be subject to massive damage, and the cost of repair can be costly. The insurance plan that you have with the insurance coverage for your four-wheeler assists in repairing the damages to ensure that your car remains safe and well-maintained when the weather is harsh.

Personal Accident Cover

In the event of a car insurance plan and a car insurance policy, you will be able to get an individual accident insurance policy that can be as high as Rs15 lakhs in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India for the event of bodily injury or disability, even death of the policyholder the driver who owns the vehicle.

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What is the best way to choose the correct Car Insurance Policy?

Use the Car Insurance Calculator to calculate the premium online.

To make it easier for you to understand and personalize your car insurance cost better, we’ve offered you the chance to calculate your vehicle insurance cost yourself by using this calculator for car insurance.

What is the factor that determines your insurance rate? This is evident on your insurance premium calculator as well. The main factors that influence your rate comprise:

  • Kind of Car Insurance Policy
  • The car’s IDV
  • Add-Ons opted
  • Deductibles
  • No Redeem Bonus
  • The Make and Model of your car
  • The age of your car

Strategies to lower your car Insurance Cost

  • The increase in your voluntary deductionIf you’ve not had any claims over the past four years, or consider you have the financial capacity to cover more out of your savings during claims it is possible to increase the Voluntary Deductible and reduce the price of your car insurance.
  • Maintain a clean driving record It’s obvious however, it is vital. Along with being safe in the roadway, being cautious when driving within the speed limit is a way to avoid collisions and also ensure that you receive a No Claim Bonus every year.
  • Pick the best add-ons The addition of additional covers could prove beneficial as they are selected best ones. Thus, choose only those you feel are useful to you and your vehicle.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Check to see if your insurance company has the correct information as per the information below.

  • Examine the IDV There is a lot of inexpensive car insurance quotes that contain a low IDV (Insured Declared Value) (which is the amount that you can expect to pay for your vehicle. If your IDV isn’t high in the event you file a claim, particularly. in the event of theft or total loss then you’re in for an unpleasant surprise! This is why setting the correct value is essential. Digit offers you the choice to do this when you purchase your insurance online for your automobile.
  • Look up the Benefits of Service Choose an organization that offers excellent after-sales service. The services Digit gives include doorstep pickup, repair, and Drop that comes with 6 months warranty, a 24/7 Customer Care Helpline, Cashless to over 6000 Garages, as well as many more.
  • Rate of claims for the insurance company Insurers purchase insurance to cover claims and this must be considered prior to making a switch to a new firm. 90.4 percent of the claims Digit has paid are settled in just 30 days. That means that our claims are quick and easy. We also have a zero Hardcopy rule i.e. we only require softcopies absolutely paper-free assertions!
  • The best priceIf you’re pleased with the product and your IDV is correct, make sure to look at the cost and discount that you’re getting.

The most common mistakes to avoid when Texting Car Insurance Quotes

It’s beneficial to look at your insurance quotes prior to purchasing. Make sure to compare these quotes based on the following criteria. What should people look for when renewing their car insurance?

  • Low-Premium

What should you be looking for when renewing your insurance for your vehicle?

  • Right IDV
  • Great Services
  • Killer Prices

Reason to renew your Car Policy:

There is no need to worry about whether the old policy was with Digit or not. Choosing Digit to renew your Car Insurance renewal is simple and easy to do and is done in a few minutes on the Internet.

Why should you choose Digit as the renewal of your Car Insurance Renewal?

Do you want to renew your auto insurance with us for the first time? These are the benefits you should anticipate:

  • Claims that are quickThe primary goal when purchasing an automobile insurance policy is to ensure they will be able to get their claims completed quickly during moments of emergency. It’s a good thing that with the processes we have, everything from submitting an insurance claim to the assessment of the damage caused by a car can be handled on the Internet.
  • Cashless Repairs for Cars It’s not something you’d want to do in the moment of a crash pay for unnecessary expenses out of your pockets. We offer repairs that are cash-free which allows you to visit one of our garages to get the repair done at no additional cost.
  • A Large Network of Garages– The cashless payment option is available exclusively at the garages in our network, but the good news for you, there are over 6000 garages all over the United States that you can pick from.
  • Doorstep Pickup and Drop If and when you need to like if your car isn’t repaired on time, we provide the services of pickup and drop which means you do not have to fret about details.
  • 24/7 Support So, regardless of what time or day you’ll have our support.
  • Make your IDV more customizable Don’t allow anyone to deceive you into paying less or even IDVs with lower premiums. This could instantly impact the amount you’re likely to get in the event of a claim. This is why at Digit we’re a believer in openness and let you customize the IDV you receive as needed.

How can I buy or renew my Car Insurance Policy with Digit?

  • Step 1. Complete your car’s Make Model, Model, Variant date of registration, and the city in which you travel. Click ‘Get Quote’, and pick the Plan you prefer.
  • Step 2. 2: Select a Third-Party Liability only or Standard package (Comprehensive Coverage).
  • Step 3. 3. Give us information concerning your insurance policies(expiry date The claim was made during the past year, and no Claims Bonuses were received.
  • Step 4. Step 4: You’ll get an estimate for the premium. If you’ve chosen a Standard Plan you can customize the plan further by choosing add-ons as well as setting the IDV, and verifying if you own an engine that runs on CNG. There will be the last premium on the following page.
  • Step 5. Step 5: Pay your bill and then your policy will be emailed directly to you!


In this section, we are sharing some updated information about Car insurance and its policy and renewal process, so that if you have any problems then you can read again the above article.

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